Stadium Guest Guide


Address/Phone Number
Zions Bank Stadium
14787 S. Academy Parkway
Herriman, UT 84096

Zions Bank Stadium Fan Texting – 801-996-4042 – Please text our guest services team if you need any assistance or for reporting unruly/disruptive fans, seating issues, or suspicious activity.


  • Gates open 60 minutes prior to kick-off
  • Bag size limited to 14” x 14” x 6” and subject to search
  • Will Call is located at the Box Office, located on the Southeast corner of the stadium
  • The box office is open from 10 am – halftime on match days
  • Children 2 and under do not require a ticket provided they are seated on an adult’s lap
  • Fans may bring personal, still-photo cameras. However, video cameras, monos/tripods and professional cameras/lenses are not permitted inside the stadium.
  • Umbrellas are allowed to be brought in, but may not be opened in seating areas. We recommend rain ponchos if needed.
  • Fans are allowed to bring in an empty water bottle to fill at drinking fountains. All other bottles, cans, or coolers are not allowed into Zions Bank Stadium

Please see the “Disabled Services” section of this guide.

Children 3 and over require a valid ticket for admission. Children 2 and under do not require a ticket for admission provided they are seated on an adult’s lap.

Standing or sitting in aisles or stairs is prohibited. Guests will be asked to keep aisles and stairs clear and return to their seats.

Consumption on the Premises
An open container primarily used for drinking purposes and containing an alcoholic beverage, may not be removed from the restaurant premises.

Alcohol Sales Cut-Off Time
Zions Bank Stadium will continue to implement a 75th minute alcohol sales cutoff for all Real Monarchs League games.

Guide, signal, and service dogs are permitted inside Zions Bank Stadium with fans that need their assistance. No pets or other animals are permitted.

There is one (1) ATM inside Zions Bank Stadium.

All men’s and women’s restrooms at Zions Bank Stadium are equipped with baby-changing stations.

For the start of the 2016 season, the United Soccer League now limits the types of bags (including back-packs) that can be allowed inside USL-related event. Bags must conform to the new size guidelines, and will be the subject to a search. For bags to enter the venue, they must be no larger than 14” x 14” x 6.” This continues to allow for small purses and bags to be brought to the venues/events. Prohibited bags include, but are not limited to: large purses, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, luggage of any kind, computer bags, camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size. The restriction does not apply to Credentialed Media, however it is recommended that all media bags are wrist-banded on entry, for easy identification during the event.

Banners and signs are encouraged provided they are not commercial, offensive, or in poor taste. All banners and signs are subject to approval of content and message. Banners may not obstruct the view of any guests, stadium signage, or present any safety hazards.

There are bike racks located on the Southeast corner of the stadium next to Real Academy High School

Fans are allowed to bring in an empty water bottle to fill at drinking fountains. All other bottles, cans, or coolers are not allowed into Zions Bank Stadium.

Zions Bank Stadium’s Box Office is located on the Northwest corner of the stadium. The box office can help you on match days from (4) hours prior to match kick-off through halftime. The box office can be reached by calling (385)434-3125

Fans may bring personal, still-photo cameras to capture the special moments from their visit to Zions Bank Stadium. However, video cameras, monos/tripods and professional cameras/lenses (anything which extends further than 2” from camera body) are not permitted inside the stadium.

Located on the east plaza of Zions Bank Stadium, Carnival Real opens 2 hours before every Real Monarchs game. Carnival Real features live music/DJs, free giveaway items, mini-games, and other festival activities.

Picture-perfect events require a picture-perfect location. The private event space at Zions Bank Stadium offers a variety of options. Whether you are interested in a pre-game dining experience, corporate meeting, wedding reception or company event, Wasatch Restaurant Group and Zions Bank Stadium can make your events come to life. Our venue accommodates groups of 10 to 500+, making it ideal for any social or corporate occasion. For more information, please contact the front desk at 385-434-3104

Cell phones are welcome inside Zions Bank Stadium. Fans are reminded, however, to make sure that their cell phone conversations are not disruptive to the others seated around them. Free WiFi is available throughout Zions Bank Stadium via the “Monarchs FAN” network.

Children 3 and over require a valid ticket for admission. Children 2 and under do not require a ticket for admission provided they are seated on an adult’s lap. If you lose your child during an event at Zions Bank Stadium, please locate the nearest guest services staff member.

Located at mid-field (Section 24) on the East side of the stadium, surrounding the team tunnel where the players enter and leave the field.

Please visit our Fan Code of Conduct Page here.

Many exciting food options are available at Zions Bank Stadium, offering a variety of specialty menu items. From Jumbo Hot Dogs, Italian Sausages, Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Carnitas Burritos, we’ll be sure to keep you satisfied until the last play of the game. So, join us at one of our many locations, where the food is guaranteed to help you enjoy the game one delicious bite at a time!

Due to USL concerns regarding health of fans and safety of field players, micro-confetti (i.e., “hole-punch” size) is not permitted at Zions Bank Stadium. However, larger confetti options are allowed. Please contact a Guest Services representative with any questions.

Directions to Zions Bank Stadium can found by clicking here.


  • Accessible/Disabled Parking –Accessible parking spaces are available in the parking lots located to the West and South of Zions Bank Stadium.  There are a limited number of ADA stalls available and are on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Gates –The Main Gate on the Northwest corner is ADA accessible.
  • Passenger Drop-Off Zone – Guests may use the passenger drop off zones located at the top of the EAST entry ramp on the South side of the property.
  • Restrooms –All public restrooms are accessible for our guests with disabilities.  All restrooms are equipped with changing stations. Restrooms are located near Sections 9, 17, 18, 30, & 31.
  • Service Animals –Certified service dogs for guests with disabilities are welcome at Zions Bank Stadium.  All other animals are prohibited from entering.  Only dogs recognized as service animals under titles II and III of the ADA are considered certified.
  • Wheelchairs –Zions Bank Stadium has a limited number of wheelchairs that are used for First Aid purposes ONLY.  For use, please locate the nearest Guest Services staff member or visit the First Aid tent located below the scoreboard on the South end of the Stadium. Use is for transportation only.  Wheelchairs are not available for the duration of events.
  • Wheelchair and Companion Seating –Zions Bank Stadium provides wheelchair and companion seating.  See Map for sections Sections 3, 5, 7, 11, 15, 22, & 26 have ADA seating.   Please ask a Guest Services staff member for assistance in locating the elevators. For assistance, please call 385-434-3104or visit com/tickets.

There are multiple drinking fountains throughout Zions Bank Stadium, located by all restrooms.

There is one public elevator at Zions Bank Stadium. It may be accessed via the entrance on the ground floor, East Side of the stadium, by Section 23/24.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Real Monarchs or Zions Bank Stadium staff, information on open positions can be obtained at:

Being prepared in an emergency is one of the most important things to remember. Familiarize yourself with the closest exit or emergency exit in your area. Families or groups should pre-designate a meeting location outside the stadium in the event that they become separated in an evacuation. If you have any questions about the nearest exit locations, please ask one of our Guest Services Staff Members for assistance. Always remember to remain calm and follow the instructions of the staff and public-address announcements. For everyone’s safety please evacuate your area in an orderly manner.

For information on holding your special event at the stadium, please click here or contact David Harris at or (801)727-2779.

All restrooms are equipped with changing stations to double as a family restroom for guests with infants, small children, and persons with disabilities. There is a Nursing room for mothers located between 20-21.

Section 9 is the designated family section. There is no alcohol allowed in this section.

The best way to send feedback to Real Monarchs and Zions Bank Stadium is by sending an email to or by calling (801)727-2702.

Zions Bank Stadium has First Aid available to assist fans throughout each event. It is located on the Southeast corner of the stadium.

Fans are not allowed to bring any food or beverage items inside Zions Bank Stadium other than those served by Wasatch Restaurant Group, the official concessionaire for the facility. We ask that fans either leave these items inside their vehicles or dispose of them at the security checkpoint before entering the stadium. The only exceptions are food and beverage items for infants two years of age or younger.

Gates open 60 minutes prior to kickoff.

The Guest Services tent is located on the South end of the stadium, below the video board.

Children who are separated from their family or friends may be escorted by a stadium staff member to the Guest Services Tent.

During your visit to Zions Bank Stadium, should you misplace an item or find something that belongs to another fan, please visit the Guest Services Tent. Claim forms are available to report missing items. Fans inquiring about lost items should call the stadium at 385-434-3104. Items are held in storage for 30 days and then are donated to a local charity. Real Monarchs and Zions Bank Stadium cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Lost or stolen tickets can be replaced only under certain conditions. Please contact the Box Office for replacement guidelines.

A current seating map of Zions Bank Stadium can be found at

No plastic horns, no air horns, no whistles (drums, musical instruments, & maracas for example) are permitted.

Nursing mothers in need of private accommodations are welcome to use the family restrooms located near Section 24, by the Center Tunnel. If a situation arises where the nursing mother and child experience any difficulties or insensitive treatment, contact a Guest Services Staff Member.

The public-address system may not be used for paging guests. In the event of a medical emergency or special circumstance, consideration will be given to using a general page.

Parking information can found here.

Passengers can be dropped off on the South end of the stadium. Drop-off areas can be accessed via Academy Parkway.

If an event is postponed or cancelled, guests are advised to check the Zions Bank Stadium and Real Monarchs websites for further information, as well as various RSL social media channels.

Information on prohibited items can found at here.

In accordance with USL and Real Monarchs security procedures, fans may not exit and re-enter the stadium using the same ticket. There will be no exceptions for this policy.

Zions Bank Stadium encourages all fans to recycle. The recycling program at Zions Bank Stadium includes: recycling containers on the concourse and in the suites. Please check the signage on the recycling containers to ensure you’re recycling the proper items such as plastic and aluminum. We hope all fans may follow Zions Bank Stadium’s recycling initiatives during their event day experience!

Men’s, women’s, and family restrooms are located throughout Zions Bank Stadium. Restrooms are located near Sections, 9, 17/18, 30/31. All restrooms are ADA-compliant.

Section 16 seats are reserved for Supporter Groups. There is loud chanting, drumming, constant singing, standing, flags, and festive chaos in Section 16. By purchasing a ticket in this section, you recognize and acknowledge that these elements exist in these sections.

There will be a shuttle service from the extended lot on the far northwest side of the stadium on Monarchs gamedays, only.

Smoking is not allowed inside Zions Bank Stadium. The only designated smoking area is on the Northeast corner of the stadium, accessible via the main concourse. Patrons must be at least (50) feet away from the stadium. Guests who wish to smoke must proceed to this area, and can be accessed at anytime, which can be found on the map found here. Smoking outside designated areas is not allowed and will not be tolerated. This includes both traditional AND E-Cigarettes. E-Cigarettes will not be tolerated inside the stadium.

Guests are prohibited from distributing banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted material, without written permission from Zions Bank Stadium management.

Various areas of Zions Bank Stadium feature festive chaos, including but not limited to, standing, singing, flags, drums and other activities. Section 16 (NE corner) is a recognized supporters group that does stand, chant, sing and have flags.  For specific questions about potential seating areas, please contact the Box Office at 385-434-3125.

Streamers are still encouraged to be tossed pre-game, start of second half, post-game, and in celebration. Please toss streamers in air and not at field, players, officials or staff. Failure to regard the safety of fellow spectators and game participants will result in ejection.

Large strollers can be checked in at the Guest Services Tent, located on the South side of the stadium, below the video board. Small strollers that fold up may be placed under your seat.

The provision for SG’s receiving TIFO exemptions is that: “SG’s are in good standing with both the club and the league”. Supporters Groups for Monarchs at Zions Bank Stadium will be seated in Section 16.

Zions Bank Real Academy operated parking lots permit tailgating but restricts the use of charcoal or open fires. Please help keep the area clean by disposing of garbage. The tailgating areas can be found here (insert hyperlink to tailgating map)

All TIFO at Zions Bank Stadium MUST be checked to ensure that it is not: Commercial, Political, Offensive, or In Poor Taste (as judged by the Club). Supporter Groups or SG’s who repeatedly ignore the Venue Regulation and the Fan Code of Conduct, could have TIFO privileges removed. The provision for SG’s receiving exemptions (TIFO) is that: “SG’s are in good standing with both the club and the league”

Information on both Stadium and Downtown Team Store locations can be found at There will also be a small Team Merchandise trailer on site during Real Monarchs games at Zions Bank Stadium.

Information on Ticketing can be found at

Umbrellas are allowed to be brought in, but may not be opened in seating areas. We recommend rain ponchos if needed.

No weapons of any kind are allowed into Zions Bank Stadium. This includes private citizen concealed carry permit. No guns will be allowed inside the stadium.

Wheelchair seating is available at Zions Bank Stadium. Please contact the box office for information.

All Will Call is located at the Box Office, and will remain open on event days from 10:00 a.m. (unless otherwise specified) until halftime of the event.